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This website explains what you can do to improve your credit record and increase your credit score.

If you have had a judgment granted against you or need assistance, we are here to help.

Please click on the "Practical advice" link to the left to read more about what you can do and how we can assist you, should you need to make application to court.

Blacklisted.co.za is a free consumer advisory service managed by Maricha Brits Attorneys.  We help people countrywide with the restoration of their credit records.

Our passion is to help people beat the banks and other credit providers by getting credit as cheaply as possible.

A practicing attorney and specialist in credit clearance and the rescission of judgments, Maricha has assisted thousands of clients since 2003 when she began to practice for Logan Attorneys.  Until 2011 Maricha Brits was the litigation partner at Logan Attorneys and now heads up Maricha Brits Attorneys, in association with Logan Attorneys.  Maricha Brits Attorneys are trusted experts who can help you fix your credit record - a key building block to a sound financial future.

We believe the benefit of improving your credit record needs to be explained. 

Banks and other credit providers are not interested in explaining the value in correcting and improving credit records as doing so will result in them having to charge less for the credit they provide.  Typically banks pretend that a poor credit record cannot be improved, that's just not true.  Every consumer has the right to improve their credit information and qualify for credit on better terms.

We have helped over six thousand people regain access to credit.

As we say, "It’s not just about getting credit - you should ensure you get it as cheaply as possible!  Don’t let a few negative listings on your credit record cost you hundreds of thousands of Rand in unnecessary interest – that’s just wrong."